Strategically Choose Your Paper

What kind of paper should you stock? Stores and companies often ask this question, hoping for a definite answer.  You should strategically choose your paper based on the client. There are many different types of paper varying in thickness, gloss, size, shape, all for different uses. When you’re deciding on what types of paper to have, you need to know your clients and your brand.  

Plannings for Profits 

No one wants to have paper sitting on a shelf getting dusty. It’s a waste of money. When you choose your paper, you need to be strategic about what it is going to be used for. Often times it’s better to stock more of fewer types of paper rather than keeping a little stock of a bunch of different kinds of paper that aren’t used as much. For many, the goal is to sell and use the paper that costs you the least, so you can make the greatest profit margin. In order to do this, you need to know your brand and your customers.

What’s Your Brand?

When you choose paper for your company, you have to figure out your brand.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • How are you different?
  • Why do your clients trust you?

These questions are primarily client-focused, as your clients are a great insight into your branding and what makes you unique.  When choosing paper, you have to be strategic based on your clients. You need to make sure your paper needs are being fulfilled based on what your customers want. If you want to introduce new types of paper, they need to suit the end user in order to be useful.

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Know Your Clients

Thinking of the clients you have and the clients you want helps you strategize what paper to choose. Double A paper is sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is an important factor for attracting modern companies that are focused on being more environmentally conscious. Your clients need to choose a copy paper for the office and they may need an upscale weight paper for stationery. Ultimately, the paper needs to be in alignment with their printing needs and presentation goals. Something as simple as offering a sustainably sourced paper can set your business apart from the competition and attract your ideal clients and keep your current clients happy.

Now Your Partners

The companies you buy from reflect on your brand. Each decision you make builds your brand identity and image to your customers and your employees. It’s important to be strategic when you choose your paper supplier and any other supplier you work with, as their brand rubs off on you. Do research and see what they stand for and the ways they go above and beyond.

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Test the Waters

If you’re uncertain when deciding to choose paper for your clients, you can start small and see what works best.  Test run a few different types of paper, then restock based on the responses from your clients.  There will always be a need for copy paper and stationery, but packaging is a growing sector in the paper industry.  Don’t be afraid to try new things! Innovation is important for staying relevant and keeping an edge over your competition.

Deciding what paper to have can be a tough decision, whether you’re a retailer or you’ll be using the product yourself for clients.  It’s important to strategically choose your paper based on your clients. Try to think about what they want and what needs your business serves them. Think about not only the clients you have but also the clients you want to have. Every business and every company is a brand and the products you have and use reflect that brand identity.