Sustainable Gifts

The gift-giving season is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to talk about gifts that give more. Not only are they wonderful for the recipient, but they give back to all of us by protecting the Earth. Known as “sustainable gifts,” some are the same great gifts you’re already giving.

Let’s look at some wow-worthy sustainable gifts:


Arguably, some experiences are more sustainable than others since they create less of a carbon footprint. They may require less travel, burn less energy, and generate less waste than others. But with a little ingenuity, you can find experiences that excel at all of these – and you can tweak others that don’t. Here are some great experiences that are sure to light up any gift recipient’s face:

  1. A gift card to an escape room or other adventure experience.
  2. Take someone out to dinner. Walk or take public transportation – or get as many people in the car as you can.
  3. Go to the park for a picnic. This costs very little and can generate zero waste. If it’s close enough that you can walk there, all the better.
  4. Treat someone to a show, concert or other memorable event. Again, be mindful of the transportation if possible.
  5. Buy memberships: This is a great one for a family. Memberships to local museums, zoos, gardens, and other experience-oriented programs are a real treasure that requires no packaging. Plus, they can be opened again and again!

2.Organic Gifts

Plants, a veggie co-op, and homemade baskets are all examples of organic gifts. Gifts that are light on the planet, or better yet good for the recipient, are always appreciated. Give seeds, a small tree or bush, or potted flowers. These are beautiful, meaningful gifts that last and last, serving as reminders of the giver’s generosity and helping to bring the outdoors inside.

3.Reusable Gifts 

Presents that don’t create waste are big right now! Some of our favorites include bags, silverware, dishes, glass containers, tumblers, cloth napkins, wax wrappers, chopsticks, straws, and reusable versions of other items that might normally get tossed..


When you donate to a sustainable charity, everyone gets a gift. Whether it’s The Sierra Club Foundation, Greenpeace, or another sustainable cause, both you and your recipient can feel good helping people help the planet.

Why Are These Things So Important?

Despite our best efforts, our recycling isn’t always making it to the recycling plant. And we throw away 262.4 million tons of solid waste a year, most of it unnecessary packaging. By giving sustainable gifts, you’ll cut the pollution from plastics and other non-sustainable materials, and instead create solutions that are innovative, experience-driven, and more focused on the people and planet you love. Happy gift giving!

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