Top 7 Insane Reasons to Use Double A Paper

Our paper is just simply the best paper. It’s sustainable, grown on the KHAN-NA in Thailand. It doesn’t jam or leave gross residue behind for you to clean up later. It isn’t see-through either, so that double sided resume will look like you know what you’re doing and not unprofessional using inferior quality paper.

But these are just some of the “normal” ways that Double A paper makes your life better. Here are the top 7 insane reasons to use Double A Paper.

Make clothing

Michele Ward and Marcia McGowan made a paper holiday dress in Stony Creek, Conn. This could be extended to other forms of clothing like shirts, pants, and if you’re feeling fancy, top hats.

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Become a famous author

All the great authors of the world started with an idea, a pen, and a piece of paper. Bring out your inner Robert Frost and use Double A paper to draft your first novel or poem. Who knows, you may become a millionaire!

Build a boat

Did you know that the British Navy once experimented with the idea of making warships out of paper? It’s true! And while you may not have enough paper to build an entire ship for 1000+ sailors, you could at least make one for your bathtub.

Get into law school

Everyone knows that lawyers need mountains of paper while they are litigating their newest case. However, they also need that paper during law school. While you’re studying John Doe vs the State, make sure you have quality paper, so you look like a great lawyer!

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Craft a huge airplane

You think your paper airplane game is up to par? Think again. In 1995, some enthusiasts in Japan made a paper airplane that weighed 50 pounds and had a 45-foot wingspan. Go out there and build your own paper airplane with your new Double A paper.

Forge paper swords

Longing for the romance of the medieval times? Create some paper swords with durable Double A paper and challenge willing opponents to a duel! You’ll look like a shining knight in your own mind, and c’mon, the kids will love it!

Paper blindfolds, anyone?

Are you preparing for a game of audio charades? Or perhaps you want to SAFELY try the Bird Box challenge? Then make some paper blindfolds. Our paper is durable and non-see-through, so they work perfectly for keeping your peepers covered.

These are just some of the insane ways that people can use Double A paper. The best part? Double A paper is completely sustainable, grown around the rice fields of Thailand on the KHAN-NA, the unused land between rice fields. So, the more you purchase our paper, the more you are helping to save the environment and keep farmers in business. It’s a win-win! For more information on our paper, click here and discover why our paper is simply the best choice you can make.