Making a Loyal Customer

There’s a lot of competition within the paper industry, and Double A knows it takes more than a fantastic, high quality product to sustain customer loyalty. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to differentiate our company by developing sustainable systems and attainable goals that not only betters the environment, but betters the lives of those that work with us, interact with us, and purchase paper from us.

Once consumers try Double A paper and understand how it’s made, it’s difficult to go back to using anything else in your printer.

1. We Take Initiative

At Double A, we want to be friendly to our planet. In fact, we created a sustainable system in order to provide a quality paper that is also eco-friendly. Every part of our process, from growing our patented Double A Paper-Tree, to manufacturing the paper and shipping it all over the world is designed to help protect the environment.

By buying our paper, you are helping to create a better world. The farmers we pay to rent their land and plant and harvest our trees, the mills that run on sustainable energy from our trees, and the world’s natural forests all benefit from our business. This is a key area in why our paper is making the world a better place.

You, as a business owner, need to take initiative in your industry; let us be a part of those initiatives!

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At Double A we are working together to help build a stronger world through sustainable initiatives. We know the value in communicating our sustainable practices and our vision with our customers and distributors. Our customer base is made up of those that are looking for an eco-friendly solution for their printing needs without sacrificing the high quality that is Double A.
In your business, you look for ways to keep communication flowing between you and your customers. We can help you communicate professionally by providing a paper that looks and feels superior to other papers.

Additionally, we have some valuable resources and industry insights available for you to use. We also have a website that explains our entire process of making our Double A Paper-Tree. This includes everything from our vision, to our sustainability initiatives, to the process of making our paper. For those of you who do not live in the US, we have a global site as well.

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Live Up to Your Company’s Vision

Consumers, especially the up and coming generations, require authenticity to be loyal to a brand. Double A doesn’t just preach our vision, we practice it. We have global initiatives in place that allow for inclusion of our customers, like our 1 Dream, 1 Tree program.

During this program, customers have an opportunity to plant a Double A Paper-Tree and being a part of our sustainable cycle. Hundreds of thousands of Paper-Trees will be planted this year “by our customers.” Sharing this experience together creates loyalty and mutual respect for our shared interest in helping make the world a better place… one ream at a time.