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10 Easy Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids Indoors

It can be difficult to keep kids entertained and educated, especially while you are staying at home. Options for getting outside are limited, but you can still provide a fun, educational experience for your kids with indoor, eco-friendly activities!

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Paper Airplane Crafts and the Science Behind Them

So you’ve got a supply of Double A Paper, and you want to see what you can do with your sheets of paper now that you don’t need the information that’s printed on them. Why throw it away, and contribute to waste production, when you can have some fun with repurposing that paper? Take a quick break from your work, and have a bit of fun with your office supplies. Learn how to make that piece of paper into a paper airplane and watch it fly.

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Increase Company Mindfulness with 5 Steps

How we see the world around us impacts our lives and how we relate to others. Understanding your own emotions can be a powerful tool when interacting with the world, both personally and professionally. By learning how to cultivate company mindfulness, you can increase team interaction, employee productivity, and the bottom line.

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5 Ways to Maintain Sustainability Indoors

The coronavirus epidemic has impacted the entire world, with many people working from home and being told to leave the house as little as possible. In times where we must stay at home as much as we can, it can be tough to remember that the world is also facing an environmental crisis. Fortunately, there are opportunities to help the environment, even while working from home and staying indoors. Here are five considerations to be sustainable indoors.

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4 Everyday Things That Harm the Environment (And Their Alternatives)

Modern people are more environmentally conscious than ever. We focus on reducing our carbon footprint by turning off the lights and conserving water. While these things are essential to the sustainability of our planet, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Even the most environmentally conscious of us may be harming the environment without even realizing it! Even the most everyday things can have a negative environmental impact.

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One Dream, One Tree Contest Winner Announcement

When Double A Paper announced its One Dream, One Tree campaign in the fall of 2019, we also announced the opportunity to win a fantastic prize! Congratulations Amber Williams - our One Dream, One Tree Sweepstakes winner!

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