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The IT Professional's Guide to Buying Paper

Often, IT professionals are tasked with purchasing certain office supplies, such as the paper for the office’s printers. The right paper can make a lot of difference in your office’s print jobs, but paper quality isn’t something many people outside of publishing think about often. Fortunately, there are some simple questions that can make paper choice a little easier for the IT professional.

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Prevent Paper Jams at Home

Nothing is more irritating than trying to print an important document at home, only to have it jammed at the last minute. While printer paper jams are common, they’re nonetheless frustrating when you are in the middle of an important deadline. And it’s definitely not convenient to take time out of your busy schedule to visit a copier in town. So, how can you prevent paper jams at home? Start with these tips below.

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The Case for Sustainable Paper at the Law Firm

The legal field generates massive amounts of paper use, and unfortunately, a lot of paper waste. Estimates claim that the average law firm loses 7,000 dollars per year to paper waste. In order to counter the impact of an overflowing recycling bin, law firms can make the switch to sourcing paper that is environmentally responsible, while still being of high-quality and durability. 

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Putting Patients First with Quality Paper

The Hippocratic Oath is considered one of the oldest guiding documents in the world. Since nearly everyone has interacted with Doctors at some point, it should come as no surprise that they rely on records to improve patient care, communicate, and help other Doctors understand and improve the quality of care. Certainly much of this can be done with computers, but there are still hundreds (if not thousands) of storage boxes in each medical facility that indicate paper still serves a place in the practice. 

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Your One-Stop Back-to-School Shopping List

Summer is moving fast, and pretty soon, it will be time to head back to school. For college students, going back to school is an exciting, but also overwhelming time, and the shopping list can be a mile long. Being prepared, and checking off your items from a list ahead of time will make your transition to college a little easier. Below is your one-stop, back-to-school college shopping list. 

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8 Powerful Mobile Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, chances are, you have paved your way by doing more with less. Less money, less time, less support from others – you name it. So being able to get more done on-the-go is always a good thing – and with this list of the top 8 most powerful productivity tools for entrepreneurs, you can do exactly that. Let’s get into our picks now. 

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